History of GMR

During the early days of national Airsoft there were very few organized teams; that were willing to push the limits in terms of competitive Airsoft. The Green Mountain Rangers were founded in 1999 primarily as a military reenactor’s group and has under gone drastic changes over the past decade to become the unit it is today.

During the infancy stages of The Green Mountain Rangers and Airsoft as a whole, communities were geographically isolated and rarely intermingled with other regions of the country. Led by LT Macpherson from 1999 until 2003, GMR was one of very few organized teams in the country. In 2003, the Green Mountain Rangers went through a leadership and unit restructure as many of the founding members weren’t able to continue the commitment level the lifestyle called for.

In order to help bring together players from the North East as well as observe any unseen talent, GMR held an event dubbed the “Ranger Games” a grueling checkpoint FTX event. After an impressive showing at the event, many members recognized CTS (Covert Tactical Solutions) had the unique skill sets, dedication and tenacity to capture all checkpoints in the 10 hour time frame. This would be the new blood line of the fatigued GMR unit. GMR offered positions to some of the original members to join the unit. The three players were Ronin, Punchline, and Pawn, all assets were from New York State. GMR initiated and brought on the very tight-knit group of veteran players. This old school NEASG unit, Covert Tactical Solutions had been the primary competition of GMR.

Throughout 2003-2004, GMR built a hard forged unit structured on new cutting edge principles of training. Airsoft was becoming a lifestyle rather than hobby or sport. Training in field craft, mountaineering and weapon manipulation became staples during training evolutions. In 2004, GMR’s new formed structure shaped the team and decided the National level was the next battlefield . During this event, GMR sent 4 unit members to the first Airsoft game to be held on a US Military Active Instillation. The event was Operation Irene III located at Zussman Urban Warfare Center in Fort Knox Kentucky and hosted by Lion Claw Ops, would propel GMR to be a feared National force. GMR pressed the fight of Charlie 3-3 to the crushing victory of the 2 day event. At their sides in the squad were two other players who would later turn in to pivotal key members that would eventually help propel this team to their new level. Blackjack and Kurtz would be invited to candidacy and shortly after, they would be introduced to the GMR training program and shown the commitment needed to building their new unit.

In 2005 , at Operation Irene IV, GMR had conducted weekly trainings for months that had taken them to a new level of integrity and honor. GMR understood that the next level of progression meant constantly innovating these principles always thinking outside the box. GMR employed their infamous OPSEC weapon at OP:Irene IV , 10 Tactical Folding Assault Bikes, and instantly helped immediately change the ebb and flow of the event.

Leading into 2008 GMR displayed a need for new challenges and surprise’s. The Green Mountain Rangers compounded on their national tour and set sights on a bold ambitious move that no US team had ever considered. GMR decided to attend the world’s largest Airsoft battle held in Harnosand Island, Sweden. Berget V would be the next target. Training for Sweden would be the most difficult and demanding training regiment in the unit’s history. This called for a dedication and determination that would give the unit an extreme look at itself. 72 hours of fighting across the world and a final assault that culminated on a 10KM ruck deep into enemy territory, undetected to deliver a dawn lit airstrike package and direct assault to the Russian Base camp. GMR succeeded and was the first US team to attend an international event let alone Berget. GMR had the honor of serving with some of Europe’s finest teams such as the Crazy Dutch, Polish Rangers and SEK from Portugal.

During 2006-2008 (TL) Blackjack led the team through Europe, Irene VI, Northern Wind, Operation Blackjack, multiple Operation Pine Plains, and through several large regional events. Countless States were visited and numerous honors were awarded. Moving into 2009, GMR went through another development phase as veteran Ronin began to shape the unit direction. Together with Blackjack, they regimented the team through even more rigorous training, and set a new standard for Airsoft. In Nov 2009 GMR was invited to help establish the M.A.A.T.C Conference, a private event ran by their west coast friends TSOG. This event was ment to push away from the normal airsoft “game” and to help share techniques and create comraderie between the top teams across the country. GMR was the only East coast team to be invited to the SOCAL location. Prior to the MAATC, GMR took in three new candidates during this period (Ben, Lance, Paul) - whom had dedication unparalleled to previous others. Their selection process and train up made veteran shooters and their own mentors have a serious gut check. These candidates graduated to full membership in early 2010.

The unit has gone through many changes and members; during its decade long life, and continues to evolve even today. The Green Mountain Rangers have prided themselves for thinking outside of the box in every scenario knowing there is ALWAYS another way around a problem and push to keep this instilled in its current and future members.

Today- GMR has traveled the country this year- and made appearances in 17 different states, including California.